Uses of Industrial Polymers

26 Aug

Simply defined, polymers are a substance made of many repeating units linked together. The ever increasing needs for polymers means that the industry is growing constantly. In your day to day, you encounter polymers everyday no matter what you do.

There are two kinds of polymers synthetic and the natural ones. Synthetic are man-made and are and petroleum based and are your normal everyday plastics and the natural ones are water based and have to be extracted. These are wool and silk. The three major industries that use polymers are Packaging, building and construction and automotive. If you are looking to supply or manufacture polymers, you should look at what industry you want to supply to.

The Construction industry uses polymers in a few areas, electric cables, piping and plumbing and roofing. Here are some foams of Industrial polymers from that are used in the construction industry:Spray foam Coating is basically spraying over a roof to give you a longer lasting roof and it's also use to cover insulation thus saving you money in reduced heating bills while. It is liked by home owner's builders in most parts of the world. It also goes a long way in ensuring there are no gaps in walls while also letting in air.  You will have some benefits of spray foam coating when using it in construction:

Spray foam coating on your roof gives you a seamless roof, this means that the roof has no joints and that means that the chances of the roof leaking are very low. The other benefit that you are sure to gain is you get a flexible roof that will withstand expansion while still remaining strong and protect the house from outside elements. The spray foam coated roofs are long lasting and can be given a new look and rejuvenated appearance by re-applying the coating. You can rest assured that spray foam coated roof will not let in water and vapors which means that your household things are safe from  getting wet.

Styro spray is another us of custom polymers in construction that entails the application of seamless foam that protects against vapor and other elements. It goes a long way in sealing of construction gaps and cavities while at the same time giving you strong structure by ensuring that there are no seams.

InstaGel, It is used mostly in molding of rubber surfaces that dries and sets within 24hours. Urethane coating is used to coat metals and other surfaces and makes the durable. You can visit sites that will give you more info on how to use the industrial polymers and also videos and comparison of brands giving you the best alternatives. See this helpful definition page at

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