Major Industrial Polymers

26 Aug

Industrialization is taking place in many regions all over the world. These industries are using various polymers to manufacture products. Industrial polymers are chemical compounds that are used in the manufacturing of various synthetic industrial materials. Polymers are used in different industries such as those making plastics, elastomers, adhesives, surface coatings and man-made fibers. Industrial polymers have different categories. The categorization depends on how they were formed. There are those that were formed through chain-growth while others were formed through step-growth reactions. The following are the most common types of industrial polymers.

The first type is the adhesives. The market today provides different types of synthetic adhesives from the Industrial Polymers Corporation. These adhesives are based on elastomers, emulsions, thermosets and thermoplastics. If the adhesive has to be effective, it needs to possess common properties. First, it has to wet the substance to be joined. Its hardness must increase after application. Apart from that, the adhesive must have the ability to take load between the surfaces on which it has been applied. Adhesives also work in different means.

Flame retardant is another type of industrial polymer. All the products that are derived from polymers are applied or used almost everywhere in our day to day activities. There are composite materials that are made of organic polymer matrix. Such materials are made with either glass or natural fibres. Such composite materials also possess great physical, thermal and chemical properties. Flame retardants are used to block the release of fuel gases. This means that it acts as thermal barriers. They help in reducing the amount of combustible gases that reach the flames.

Another type of industrial polymers is the polyethylene. This polymer is further classified into low density polyethylene and the high density polyethylene. The classification depends on the properties of each. However, there are some similar properties of the high and the low density ones. They are inert, are poor conductors of electricity and are thermally stable. The low ones are flexible while the high ones are tough and have high tensile strength. They are used in the making of toys, the flexible pipes and electric insulators.  This page at should be a good read.

In the world of polymers, the molecules called monomers react chemically among themselves to form a network. Remember that there are both synthetic and natural polymers. All the above mentioned polymers play a very major role in our lives. As seen, each industrial polymer has its unique characteristics or properties. Cellulose is however the most common available polymer. Contact this Industrial Polymers Corporation here.

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